Tentative Conference Program

Day 1: Friday, September 23, 2022, KST (UTC +09:00)

12:00~13:30 Registration

13:30~14:10 Opening & Welcome Remarks

Ven. Hyesu (President of Hanmaum Science Institute, Hanmaum Seonwon Foundation)

14:10~14:40 Keynote Presentation

Ven. Hyegeun (Jinju Branch of Hanmaum Seonwon, Korea)

14:40~15:00 Break Time

15:00~16:30 Session 1

About Hanmaum Science Institute

(Hanmaum Science Institute, Korea)

Seon Master Daehaeng’s use of “Dharma Songs” to teach Seon Buddhism in contemporary Korean society

Ven. Chong Go (Hanmaum International Cultural Center, Korea)

Ambassador Akiva Tor (Ambassador of Israel to Korea)

16:30~17:00 Discussion

17:30~19:30 Reception Dinner

Day 2: Saturday, September 24, 2022, KST (UTC +09:00)

9:30~10:30 Session 2-A

The meaning of “family” from a perspective of spiritual practice as reflected in the Seon Master Daehaeng’s teaching

Mr. Sangmann Jung (Teacher, Korea)

Pandemic 2019: The teachings received from Seon Master Daehaeng

Mr. Gustavo Adrian Del Vento (Lawyer, Argentina)

10:30~10:50 Break Time

10:50~12:20 Session 2-B

The pandemic that unites and divides US: A view from the United States

Prof. Brett Sharfs (Director, Center of Law and Religion Studies, Brigham Young University, U.S.)

COVID-19: Distinct problems, distinct answers – A Benedictine Monk’s reflection

Brother Dunstan Robidoux (St. Anselm Abbey, Washington D.C., U.S.)

The need for spiritual care in the shadows of dying

Prof. Dr. Manfred Hutter (Head of Department for Religious Studies, University of Bonn, Germany)

12:20~14:00 Lunch (Media Exhibition 1)

14:00~15:30 Session 3

Towards overcoming the global crisis, a comparison of the approaches of Hans Kṻng and Seon Master Daehaeng

Ven. Hyeyou (German Branch of Hanmaum Seonwon, Germany)

New practices, new values? The perspective of digital ethics for living a flourishing life

Prof. Dr. Oliver Zöllner (Department of Electronic Media, Stuttgart Media University, Germany)

Prof. Chae Young Kim (Sogang University, Korea)

15:30~16:00 Break Time

16:00~17:30 Panel Discussion

Day 3: Sunday, September 25, 2022, KST (UTC +09:00)

9:30~11:00 Session 4-A

Hanmaum medicine leading the evolution of life

Dr. Miran Jang (Researcher, Korea)

Scientific and Buddhist perspectives on the fundamental problem of the Self

Ass. Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Epple (Antibiotic Stewardship, Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany)

If you hold on you die, if you let go you live: The practice of Gwan, Mind-Body Medicine and its psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinological implications

Dr. Ricardo Daniel Blanco (Medical doctor, Argentina)

11:00~11:20 Break Time

11:20~12:20 Session 4-B

A study on the development of authentic leadership based on the true self contemplation (Juingong-Gwan)

Dr. Youngrae Kim (Korea)

Determinism and continuity in religious practice through difficulty times: The nature of Fudoshin(不動心)

Mr. Bob Grochowski (International Department of Shynnoen, Japan)

12:20~14:00 Lunch (Media Exhibition 2)

14:00~15:30 Session 5

Teachings of the Buddha-Dharma in the era of epidemics; The Vegan Movement in Tzu Chi

Prof. Chien-Te(Kent) Lin/林建德 (Director, Institute of Religion and Humanities, Buddhist Tzu-Chi University, Taiwan)

Building communicational bridges through professional translation to convey Seon Master Daehaeng’s teachings in COVID-19 pandemic

Ms. Hyo Lim Ko (Researcher, Argentina)

Developing index of Gwanbeop practice based on the Seon Master Daehaeng’s sermons – Using the Delphi method and analytic hierarchy process

Dr. Jung O Ryu (Teacher, Korea)

15:30~16:00 Break Time

16:00~17:30 Panel Discussion

Discussant: Prof. Donald Bellomy (The State University of New York, Korea)

17:30~18:00: Closing

Ven. Hyesu (President of Hanmaum Science Institute, Hanmaum Seonwon Foundation)